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How A Website Can Expand Your Business

In this day and age, having an online presence is one of the biggest ways companies reach customers throughout the world. If your business doesn't have a website the only way for people to hear about it is through word of mouth, or by being located near your customer which isn't the best way to grow. By being online you reach new people who have never heard of your business and your website is like meeting a person for the first time which can leave a good or bad impression depending on the quality of your site. In 2020, over 1.79 billion people made at least one purchase over the internet and 70% of small-to-mid-sized businesses are investing more into their digital presence. If 70% of medium sized businesses are investing more into their digital presence wouldn't that make you think people view websites as a valuable asset to their company and by optimizing the site to be at its best it would increase the companies revenue? It most certainly would increase traffic & revenue if a company perfected their online presence through their website, and social media.

Do I Need A Website If I Don't Sell Products?

A lot of people think "Oh I don't need a website because I don't have any products to sell" Even if that were the case, having a website to showcase the work that you do is very beneficial if the customer doesn't know what your company does. If a company were to provide a service the best way they could utilize a website is to allow for their customers to book an appointment online and pre-pay, explain what services they offer, showcase your portfolio, and let them know more about you & your company. The best scenario for a hair salon business would be if the customer googled hair salon near me and your website popped up allowing them to view what the salon looks like, who the people are that work there, the location of the salon, and how much you charge for your services. Look at the photo down below for an example of what the customer should see on a hair salon website.

Example Of A Hair Salon Website that show cases what the salon looks like inside, the stylists who work there, and the pricing for their services.


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